Genre: Action/Adventure
# of Players: 1
Price: 80 MSP
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Game Description:
XenoMiner is the latest addition to the growing voxel-based sandbox genre. The adventure begins as you wake up after having crash-landed on Xenos, the largest moon orbiting a gas giant. With only a little oxygen in your spacesuit and a bit of salvage from the remains of your ship, you must find a way to survive alone in the harsh lunar environment. XenoMiner brings several new concepts to the genre, such as futuristic technology, anti-gravity pads and gravity-bending boots, solar-powered drilling equipment with matter-to-energy storage, and programmable bots of alien origin. The bots can be programmed to dig and build through a scripting interface which allows players to program immense and amazing structures that are then built when the bot is deployed. If you’re done scratching around in the dirt with torches and stone age tools then grab your plasma-drilling P.I.C.K., throw on your space suit, boot up the local copy of your constant AI companion DAI-SE (“Daisy”), craft a few spare Oxygen tanks in your Centriforge and then head out to find the real adventure amongst the stars. 

Studio Description:
Gristmill Studios is a small team of independent developers and artists based out of Madison, WI. As a group, the members of Gristmill value life-long learning, living adventurously, acquiring new skills, pushing their limits, and testing themselves constantly. Gristmill Studios previously published the title Devilsong, a 3D space shooter for Xbox Live, and will be publishing Etch, a fantasy tower-defense game for the iPad later this year. Gristmill will be releasing XenoMiner, a sci-fi voxel-based sandbox game this fall as a part of Indie Uprising III.
Twitter: gristmillstudio

Website: http://www.gristmillstudios.com/
Contact email: gristmillstudios@gmail.com