Train Frontier Express

Genre: Simulator
# of Players: 1 – 4 (online)
Price: 240
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Game Description:
Train Frontier Express is a stylized landscape building and train riding game, focused on simulating the fun aspects of model railroading rather than complicated aspects of train simulation. Fill your scene with miles of track, hundreds of props, and train car setups. Enjoy a ride through your own creation, then share your maps and ride with friends online.

– What-you-see-is-what-you-get world editor
– Stylized pop art and funky props
– Customized trains
– Derailment and explosive effects
– Play how you like, earn badges
– Share your maps and ride on Xbox Live

Studio Description:
Team Train Frontier is comprised of two San Diego developers, Eric and Emoks. Eric is the team coder and technical artist, while Emoks is the team artist. The two E’s are not your typical train sim developers, taking inspiration from core games and pop culture.

The two met while working on a AAA action game. Wanting to try something different and experiment a bit with the emerging XBLIG marketplace, they decided to make a small game. That game grew into the current incarnation of Train Frontier Express.

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