Take Arms

Genre: Shooter
# of Players: 1 – 8 (online or system link)
Price: 240
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Game Description:
Take Arms is a multiplayer evolution of the classic console platformer. Featuring stunning high-definition artwork and sound effects, the game aims to immerse you in its fast-paced world of 2D class-based shooting. Set in the near future, the world’s two remaining super powers are at war, and both sides are nearly decimated. With their cities charred and ruined, each side is down to the last of their soldiers. The best of the best. The only ones able to survive. Join the fight in the final battles of this last great war!

Battle it out over Xbox LIVE or System Link with up to eight players. Play as three different classes: the quick and light Striker equipped with a sniper rifle, the slow and heavy Destroyer equipped with a belt-fed machine gun, or the middle-ground Grunt with burst-fire assault rifle. Dominate three diverse locales (Bridge, Forest Complex, & Trainyard) and three game types (DM, TDM, & CTF). Practice in solo mode with bots that support multiple difficulty levels and all game types. Track your experience as you gain ranks and earn badges.

Studio Description:
Discord Games is the moniker of the two-man production team James Petruzzi and Tim Dodd. The studio was founded in 2009 while developing their unreleased Microsoft Dream.Build.Play 2009 entry 36 Chambers. Immediately after the contest submission, they began working on what would become Take Arms.

Discord’s goal is to create quality titles that combine classic 2D gameplay with modern design for a fun and unique experience. For their debut title, they’ve partnered with manga artist Jianran Pan of Creative IG and electronic musician James Stevulak to bring their creation to life.

Twitter: DiscordJames

Website: http://www.takearmsgame.com
Contact email: james@discordgames.com