Genre: Puzzle
# of Players: 1
Price: 80 MSP
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Game Description:
In this first person puzzle/shooter you need to manipulate the environment to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. Through 25 different levels, use different particles, taking different paths and be quick with a controller to perfect your skills to move on to the next level! Speed and ingenuity are key to mastering this game!

Studio Description:
Started in 2011, We are a game and mobile app software studio out of Toronto Canada. We’ve been working on software for both the Android as well as PC and Xbox 360 platforms and will begin to roll out our first set of products in mid year of 2012.

Twitter: ratchetgames

Website: http://www.ratchetgamestudios.wordpress.com/
Contact email: ratchetgamestudios@live.ca