To promote Xbox Live Indie Games in the best light possible by showcasing the diversity, talent, and potential of the platform as a whole.
Our goal is not to immediately boost initial sales, but long term exposure to the platform, as well as introduce developers to their audience and the industry.

Community vote FAQ

What are we voting on?

You will be voting on the title which you would like to see as part of the Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion. Do you think we dropped the ball on our picks and should have included different titles in the promotion? Well now is the time to make your voice heard!


 Who can vote?

The community, that is fans, developers, journalists – anyone!


Where can we vote?

The poll will be made available through a link on our Facebook page.


When is the vote?

Voting is Monday August 1st – Monday 15th.


When do we find out who the winners are?

On Tuesday August 16th during the 9 PM EST #IGSU hosted Twitter chat we will announce the two


How many titles will we be voting on?

You will be offering one vote. The two (2) titles which finish with the most votes will be which will be released on the final two days of the promotion: Thurs Sept 1st and Friday Sept 2nd.


How do you prevent people from voting more than once?

The program we use allows you to remain anonymous, however your IP address is logged and time stamped to prevent users from submitting votes on more than one occasion. 

Indie Games Uprising Summer Schedule:

July 4th – July 18th: Developer voting for 8 titles to represent the platform
August 1st – August 15th: Community voting for 2 additional titles they would most like to play
Tues Aug 16th – 8pm EST: IGSU Developer Twitter chat, community winners announced
August 22nd – September: 2nd: Promotion and release of 8 developer and 2 community voted titles

Review Codes

If you’re a journalist and would like review codes, please contact the developer for the respective title. Kris and I do not have them, therefore we will be unable to hand any out.  The contact for each developer can be found on each of their candidate pages.


For all questions, concerns, and press inquiries, please contact David Giant at davidgiant001@gmail.com