Genre: Platformer
# of Players: 1
Price: 240
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Game Description:
Universes shattered, realities merged, personalities meeting for the first time, and cupcakes STOLEN. Who would have thought that something as innocent as a lightly thrown snowball could unleash this sort of havoc?! It’s up to Chester and his many other-reality personalities to set everything right again. Collect stamps, destroy baddies, unlock over ten unique Chester personalities (characters) and switch between over five different styles that change the look of the entire game at any moment! See the world as a sketchbook, an old 8-bit style adventure, blueprints, and LCD handheld, and more! Get ready to traverse over 20 challenging levels in this totally pompadour platformer! (Don’t worry, there is an easy mode too!) RECLAIM YOUR CUPCAKES!

Studio Description:
Brillaint Blue-G is a one man team of the one and only Benn Friedrich (Ok, there are probably more out there, but we’ll ignore them for now.) Chester is the first product of this little venture, and has been in development for nearing a year now. The ‘studio’ currently has a few more games in the planning stages, so be on the lookout in the future for some more weird goodness!

My greatness weakness is audio work though, so for Chester (And possibly all future BBG games) I went to the fanastic duo ReinaLemour for all of the music and sound effects!

Twitter: BennFried

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