Battle High: San Bruno

Genre: Fighting
# of Players: 1 – 2 (local)
Price: 80
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Game Description:
Battle High is a 2D fighting game inspired by classic fighting games like those from the old SNK days. Choosing from one of eight elementally powered student, players battle one another in a variety of modes, whether it’s a simple one-on-one match or seeing who can better destroy an abandoned vehicle.

We listened to its fans and brought many of the requested updates such as widescreen and character balancing to this version in the hopes of pleasing current fans and possibly attracting new ones. Even after this release, we’ll continue to make updates, and maybe one day, a sequel.

Update Description:
1. Rebalanced characters preventing gameplay-breaking infinite combos
2. Changed the game from standard def. to widescreen giving the game a new, more pleasing appearance
3. Scoring! Though the game scores cannot be shared online (in this build anyway) players are now given points during gameplay unlike the previous version
4. Mini-games. There are three new mini-games that offer new challenges and gameplay not offered in the previous version.
5. Updated art and music giving the game a more polished look

Studio Description:
Mattrified Games is the simple, one-man outlet I use for releasing the games I create. Calling my Pittsburgh-located, one-bedroom apartment a studio feels to be a bit of a misnomer or exaggeration; however, this doesn’t change my mission, which is to create games that I enjoy not only playing, but developing as well, and in the long-run hope that others will enjoy said creations.

That being said, Battle High would not exist without the other studio involved, Point5Projects, who invited me to work on a PC version of Battle High, which later gave way to this version. You can access their forum and see their other projects here.

Twitter: mattrifiedgames

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